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    CONGO Scout Jamboree Butterflies

    CG05 CONGO Scout Jamboree Butterflies

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    Wonderful issue from Republic of Congo with theme butterflies and celebrating the 2019 World Scout Jamboree hosted jointly by the United States, Canada and Mexico.Also with jamboree badges from these previous World Scout Jamborees:

    Jamboree in United Kingdom 1920
    Jamboree in France 1947
    Jamboree in Philippines 1959
    Jamboree in USA 1967
    Jamboree in Japan 1971
    Jamboree in Norway 1975
    Jamboree in Canada 1983
    Jamboree in Korea 1991
    Jamboree in United Kingdom 2007
    Jamboree in Japan 2015

    The stamps are in perfect MINT NEVER HINGED condition. 

    Large image.

    More butterflies on stamps here.

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